Marius Bodin Larsen

Marius Bodin Larsen, Norwegian musician, sound engineer and producer. Born 12th October 1972 in Arendal, died 19th December 2006 in Oslo.

Bass guitarist in rock bands Ultra Uglies (1988-1990), Dustsucker (1990-1993) and Intellecto (1996-2000).

Arendal Rock Club, Arendal, sound manager 1991-1993.

Norwegian Sound Engineer Academy, Oslo, 1993-1995.

Akershus Council of Music, Oslo, 1995-1997.

Established the recording studio Audiotree in Oslo in 1997, and thereafter Crystal Canyon Studio in 2001, together with Knut Schreiner and Anders Møller. The studio has worked with artists like Turbonegro, Euroboys, Serena Maneesh, Silver, Kåre Virud, Low Frequency in Stereo, The Loch Ness Mouse, Amulet etc.

Marius was sound engineer at Turbonegro’s comeback concert at the Quart festival, Kristiansand, in 2002.

Together with Anders Møller he was 2004 the sound engineer of Turbonegro’s twice award winning album «Scandinavian Leather«, (Alarmprisen and Spellemannsprisen for best rock recording). He also mixed Kåre Virud Band’s «Ild og Vann» which won the  Spellemannsprisen in 2006 for best blues recording.

Other important works are:

  • Seerena Maneesh: Seerena Manesh (2005, soundmix)
  • Turbonegro: Party Animals (2005, recording)
  • Maria Solheim: Frail (2004 mix, recording).
  • Additional work in theater-, and concert productions (for instance Zoo Story, Black Box Theatre, Oslo 1995), tours and festivals (Norwegian Wood, Quart Festival, etc).

You will find a complete discography here.

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