Nervous Records 2003

Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen and Björn Flöystad (tracks 1,2,4) and by Chris Sansom and Björn Flöystad ( track 3).
The Magician engineered by Marius Bodin Larsen and Björn Flöystad assisted by Rune Elli.

All songs produced and engineered by Björn Flöystad.

Recorded at The Living Room, Flöstöy, Hawkon’s Place, Crystal Canyon and Norges Musikkhøyskole, Carl Berner. Steinway & Sons grand piano («The Magician») recorded by Dag Helseth at Barrat Due.
Mixed at Crystal Canyon (1,2) and The Living Room (3,4). Mastered by Espen Berg at The Living Room.

Performed by Wholy Martin (Helge Martin Framnes, Bjørn F. Bengt Hansen, Jan Harald Halvorsen, Tom Rudi Torjussen, Ketil Torgersen, Haakon Larsen) with Jørn Raknes, Ingrid Tolstad, Erik Ruud, Marius Bodin Larsen, Tormod Glomnes, Rolf Roger Ree and DJ Dust.

«By The Time I Saw Her Tremble (pt 1)» contains samples from «Twisted Moments» and «In My World» as performed by Melt, courtesy of Phoney Muzak.

Wholy Martin: The Magician Wholy Martin: The Magician

Photo by Paal Audestad. Design by Giraff.

Track list:

  1. The Magician 3.33 (Framnes) (Vampire Songs)
  2. By The Time I Saw Her Tremble (pt 1) 1:21 (Framnes) (Vampire Songs)
  3. Strange Follower 5:19
    a) she falls softly
    b) on sorrow road
    c) inbetween seasons
    (Framnes/Framnes/Flöystad)(Vampire Songs/Flöystones)
  4. The Magician Returns 6:16 (Framnes/Framnes/Hansen)(Vampire Songs/Liasongs)