CD/LP Burning Hearts Records, 2003

Engineered by Marius Bodin Larsen and Anders Møller

All songs by Turbonegro

Chris Summers, drums
Pål Pot Pamparius, guitar
Euroboy, lead guitar
Happy-Tom, bass,
Rune Rebellion, guitar
Hank von Helvete, vocals

Drums on «The Blizzard of Flames» arranged and performed by Krisvaag and Chris Summers.
Flute on «Wipe It Till It Bleeds» by Ivar Winther
Saxophone on «Locked Down» by Pål Pot Pamparius
String arrangements by Lars Horntvedt and Euroboy

Additional backing vocals by: Mariann Thomassen on ‘Train of Flesh’. Tomas Dahl on ‘Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.)’ and Torgny Amdam on ‘Ride With Us’. Cops on ‘The Blizzard of Flames’ by Odd the God and Happy-Tom

Produced by Knut Schreiner and Turbonegro
Mixed by Joe Barresi at Polar Studios, Stockholm.
Recorded at Crystal Canyon, Oslo, November/December 2002
Additional recording by Stefan Boman at Polar Studios
Mastered by Henke Jonsson at Polar Mastering

Turbonegro: Scandinavian Leather Turbonegro: Scandinavian Leather

Cover art by Klaus Voormann
Photos: Sebastian Ludvigsen
Layout: Jagged Design, T. Barth.


  1. The Blizzard Of Flames
  2. Wipe It Till It Bleeds
  3. Gimme Some
  4. Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
  5. Sell Your Body (To The Night)
  6. Remain Untamed
  7. Train Of Flesh
  8. Fuck The World
  9. Locked Down
  10. I Want Everything
  11. D.I.B. (Drenched In Blood)
  12. Le Saboteur
  13. Ride With Us