CD/LP released by September Girls Records, Nürnberg 1997

Assistant producer Marius Bodin Larsen

Go from here eastwards and pass the fields we know, till you see the lands that pertain clearly to faery, and cross that boundary, which is made of twilight, and come to that palace that is only told of in song.
Lord Dunsany: The Kings of Elfland’s Daughter

Bumble B: lead chanteuse, back vocals, el. violin & viola
Lumpy Davy: Rhytm & lead guitar, glissando guitar, classical guitar, sitar, tamboura, ess-cornet & lead vocal
Ernie Chung: lead & rhytm guitars, e-bow guitar, bass, baglarna, lead- & back vocal
Han Solo: Bass, mellotron, organ & back vocal
Cool Kat: drums

Mickey Moog: Mellotron, Hammond organ, Fender rhodes & Wurlitzer el. pianos, harmonium, synthesizer & harpsicord
Chrisph: Drum programming, synthesizer & tape
Dr. Brt. Blaster: Floral dust sonic synthesizer
Einar Krafft Myhren: Soprano & tenor sax
Tom Rudi Torjussen: Tablas, djembe & percussion
Bjørn Fløystad: Back vocal
Ida, Joakim & Ty: Birds flutes & jollity

The Smell of Incense: Through the Gates of Deeper Slumber

The Smell of Incense: Through the Gates of Deeper Slumber The Smell of Incense: Through the Gates of Deeper Slumber

Gunnhilde Langerud: Front cover painting
Bumble B: Inside cover art, label design & madhats
Lumpy Davy: Art concept & liner notes
Jan Wallin Hansen: Photography

Bjørn Fløystad: Engineer & producer
Co-produced by TSOI.

Recorded May 95 – Feb 96 at Fløystad Sound
Mellotrons recorded Dec 95 at Spang Virr, Arendal
Additional recordings Aug 96 at Tom Samuelsen’s studio, Arendal
I & IV recorded Sept 96 at Moog’s Sonic Lab, Oslo
Mastered & edited Oct 96 at Strype Audio, Oslo

TSOI would like to thank our families, children & pets, the bands & artists who created our musical dream, our growing horde of fans & friends who, wittingly or not, contributed to this album.
Jørn Andersen for pushing the vessel to sea, Michael Demmler for taking over the wheel. Bjørn Fløystad for supreme guidance, Mickey Moog for being nearly a regular TSOI member.
Mick Dillingham for his large heart. Andre Van Bosbeke for support. Peter Bonner & Waiter Orlowsky fro friendliness, Adriano Balus, Robert Cecchini & all our Italian fans for their enthusiasm. Nick Stavrulakis & George Markou for organising the Greek fan section, Steve Andrews for himself. Oscar Garcia for Kicking Out The Jams in Spain. Aymeric Leroy for his BigBang in France. Bill Parry for Holding it all Together. Ollie for his persistance. Arne Rasmussen for being a Teenmaker in his fifties. Carrousel Music for the wonderful Wurlitzer sound. Marcus Resh for doctoring our Mellotron. Tom Samuelsen for the use of his studio facilities.

Dedicated to the memory of HEMING, beloved child.


Side 1:

  1. A Floral Treasury – Total time 25:08
    1. Overture (instrumental) – 2:32
      Music by Mickey Mooz
    2. The Song of The Aconite Fairy – 9:27
      Music by TSOI and Chrisph
      Words by Cicely Mary Barker
    3. The Song of The Nightshade Fairy – 7:25
      Music by Chrisph & TSOI
      Words by Cicely Mary Barker
    4. Epilogue – 1:53

Side 2:

  1.  Columbine Confused – 5:37
    Music by Han Solo
    Words by Michael Moorcock
  2. A Word in Season – 5:23
    Music by Lumpy Davy
    Words by Lord Dunsany
  3. From the Third Hemisphere – Total time 13:36
    1. Atlantis – 2:49
      Music by Lumpy Davy
      Words by Clark Ashton Smith
    2. Kraken – 2:54
      Music by Lumpy Davy
      Words by Rhan Lumley
    3. Slumber – 4:45
      Music by Lumpy Davy
      Words by Robert E. Howard
    4. Kraken (slight return) – 3:06
      Music by Lumpy Davy