CD Groovy Music 2006
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen and Hanne Eidsvaag Andersen except track 7 mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen, Hanne Eidsvaag Andersen and Ingar Hunskaar

Recorded and produced by The Low Frequency in Stereo and Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon in July 2005
Mastered by Audun Strype at Strype Audio the 31st of January 2006
Illustration and design by Arild Eriksen
«Big City Lights» recorded and produced by The Low Frequency in Stereo and Kenneth Andersen in Grapehouse Studio, Copenhagen 5th of September 2005

The Low Frequency in Stereo

Per Steinar Lie, bass, vocals
Ørjan Haaland, drums, organs, drum machine, percussion and vocals
Per Hansen, guitar, bass
Hanne Eidsvaag Andersen, guitar, horns, percussion, organs and vocals

Ole Øvstedal, guitar on «Axes»
Anders Møller, Percussion on «The Challenger»,»21″,»The Last Temptation of…»
Kenneth Andersen, piano on «Big City Lights»


1. Big City Lights (3.13)
2. The Challenger (2.32)
3. 21 (3.46)
4. Jimmy Legs (3.42)
5. Axes (3.49)
6. Bahamas (4.01)
7. The Last Temptation of … The Low Frequency in Stereo (10.01)
8. Red Flag (6.41)