CD/EP Big Dipper Records 2003

Mixed and produced by Marius Bodin Larsen og Anders Møller

All music and lyrics by The Launderettes

Recorded at Crystal Canyon
Engineered by Anders Møller
Mastered by Ingar at Strype Audio

The Launderettes ‎– Take Me To The Race

Photo by Astrid Walter
Sleeve/logo design by Ingjerd Sandven Christiansen, Push Red Button

Lucy Gone Wayward (Ingvild Nordang), vocals
Candy Cadillac (Linda Kastbakken), guitar
Dandy Brandy (Ragna Nordenborg), organ
Vicky Vicious (Siri Eriksen), bass
Bambi Bazooka (Cecilie Asker), drums


  1. Take Me To The Race
  2. Stay Away
  3. Go Faster
  4. Too Late To Say You’re Sorry