CD Forward Records 2004

Engineered by Marius Bodin Larsen, Kai Andersen and Øystein Greni.

Ole Jørgen Ottosen: Guitars / Vocals
Freddy Antonsen: Bass
Bjørn Steinar Høbjør: Drums

Additional musicians:
Christoffer Schou plays organ on track 1,3,6 & 12 and plays guitar on track 2,4,7 and 9.
Øystein Greni plays some guitar on track 4 and sings backing vocals on track 4 & 5.

All songs written by Ole Jørgen Ottosen
Except for track 2 & 10 written by Ole Jørgen Ottosen & Freddy Antonsen.
All songs arranged by Tellusalie.

Recorded at Athletic Sound, Grandsport and Crystal Canyon.
Mixed at Livingroom by Chris Sansom & Rune Elli.
Produced by Knut Schreiner.

Tellusalie: Tangerine Dreams

Cover design and photo by Buenos Aires.
Band photo by Frode Sørskaar.

Tellusalie thanks… Marius Bodin and others.
Special thanks Knut Schreiner.

Track list:

  1. Story
  2. Annoying Mouse
  3. Race Horse
  4. Pick Me Up Or Leave Me
  5. Fake
  6. Crickets
  7. I Been Trying
  8. Dizzie Tune
  9. Tangerine
  10. Little Starling
  11. Secrets and Memories
  12. Lazy