CD Bad Afro Records Released 12th January 2004

Mix and editing by Marius Bodin Larsen
Performing: Bells, crows and smokin’ keywords.

Produced by Emil Nikolaisen and Silver
Engineering and additional production by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon
Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Audio

Silver: White Diary

Cover by Dimitri Kayiambakis
Cover photo by HP Lorentz assisted by Eric Strøm
Tattoos by Birdie & Astrid at Personal Art Tattoo

All songs written and arranged by Silver

Blanco, Bee Buster, Amy Tubb, Peady Pedal

Also appearing:
Jonas Lie Theis: piano on Angels Calling
David Dajani: bgv on The Emptiness and Condem Nation
Chris Damien Doll: bgv on The Emptiness and Evacuate!
Strange? Gentle: bgv on Condem Nation
Frankie O: bgv on The Emptiness
Stine Kobbeltvedt: bgv on Angels Calling
Maria Synnøve Solheim: bgv on Funderal Class One and Angels Calling
Anders Møller: additional percussion
Marius Bodin Larsen: Bells, crows and smokin’ keywords
Timo Sillankorva: city recording

Thank you – Our families… Marius Bodin Larsen (and others)… and everyone who fed us and let us sleep on their floor.
Much love and greetings to fans who are no longer among us down here.

Track List:

  1. The Emptiness
  2. Funeral Class One
  3. Dead Articulation
  4. The Dark Side Of The Light
  5. Evacuate! (Sin Fix Journal)
  6. Intimate Cussing
  7. Dark Dark Diary
  8. Gentlemen’s Blues (Riot 1-2-3)
  9. Condem Nation
  10. Angels Calling