CD released at a tribute/memory concert at Blå, Oslo, 29th May 2007

Compiled by Anders Møller, Crystal Canyon
Cover design: Harald Solberg

Minnekonsert cover

Track list:

01. Euroboys – Sleep ’til Tomorrow (K. Schreiner/M. Engen/Euroboys)

Knut Schreiner, vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar, Gibson SG
Mats Engen, Fender bass, vocals
Trond Mjøen, Gibson ES, vocals, 6 strings acoustic guitar
Anders Møller, drums and percussion
Erling N. Hansen, electric piano, Farfisa organ

Recorded and mixed at Crystal Canyon.
Engineered by Anders Møller.
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen.
Mastered by Morten Lund at Masterhuset

First Release Euroboys: Soft Focus, 2004.

02. Intellecto – Double Life

Lars Martinsen, vocals
Erik Leikanger, drums
Marius Bodin Larsen, bass guitar
Tarjei Bodin Larsen, guitar

03. Amulet – Naked Eye (T. Amdam/Lars Rasmussen)

Torgny Amdam, vocals
Lars Rasmussen, guitars
Espen Follestad, guitar
Robin Snasen Rengård, bass
Jonas Thire, drums
Additional Fighters:
Andreas Tylden, bass
Chris Summers and Anders Møller, percussion
Richard Gere, effects

Recorded at The Musicloft and Crazy Kid Studios
Produced by Marius Bodin Larsen and Torgny Amdam
Engineered and mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen
Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Audio

First Release Amulet: Freedom Fighters 2001.

04. Silver – Intimate Cussing (Silver)

Blanco, Bee Buster, Amy Tubb, Peady Pedal

Also appearing:
Anders Møller – additional percussion
Marius Bodin Larsen – Bells, crows and smokin’ keywords
Timo Sillankorva – city recording

Produced by Emil Nikolaisen and Silver
Engineering and additional production by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon
Mix and editing by Marius Bodin Larsen
Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Audio

First Release Silver: White Diary 2004.

05. Low Frequency in Stereo – Axes

Per Steinar Lie, bass, vocals
Ørjan Haaland, drums, organs, drum machine, percussion and vocals
Per Hansen, guitar, bass
Hanne Eidsvaag Andersen, guitar, horns, percussion, organs and vocals

Ole Øvstedal, guitar

Recorded and produced by The Low Frequency in Stereo and Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon in July 2005
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen and Hanne Eidsvaag Andersen.
Mastered by Audun Strype at Strype Audio the 31st of January 2006

First Release Low Frequency in Stereo: The Last Temptation of … The Low Frequency in Stereo Vol. 1, 2006

06. Serena-Maneesh – Her Name is Suicide (Emil Nikolaisen)

Emil Nikolaisen, guitar, bass, vibraphone, backing vox
Tommy Akerholdt, drums
Lina Holmström, voice
Håvard Krogedal, cello, organ
Sondre Tristan Midttun, guitar
Eivind Schou, violin

Inge Svege, harmonica
Greg Norman, distortion
Anders Salomon Lidal, flute

Produced by Emil Nikolaisen
Recorded at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman
Additional Recordings at CSX/Taageheimen by Emil Nikolaisen and Espen Høydalsvik
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon
Tape transfers by Morten Lund at Masterhuset
Pre-mastering work by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype
Mastered at Cutting Room by Bjørn Engelmann

First Release Serena Maneesh: Serena-Maneesh – From Galaxy Remotely Harmonic, 2006.

07. King Midas: The Strip

Ando Woltmann
Per Schimmel
Sonny Ohlsen
Stephen Martin
Katoo Möster
Tracee Meyn

Produced by Marius Bodin Larsen and KMI
Mastering by Ingar Hunskaar

First Release King Midas: The Man From The Gas Station, 2001.

08. Dharma – Boom Boom (Ole Øvstedal)

Ole Øvstedal: Vocals, bass, guitar and piano
Deadly Nightshade: Synt
Anders Møller: Drums and percussion
Thom Hell: Vocals and piano
Marte Wullf: Vocals
Hanne Eidsvåg Andersen: Vocals
Shaun Curtis: Vocals

Produced by Ole Øvstedal.
Executive producer Ragnar Vikse
Beats produced by Deadly Nightshade
Recorded by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon and Christian Engfeldt at Grandspor
Mastered by Björn Engelman at Cutting Room

First Release Dharma: Galaxies Like Grains of Sand, 2007.

09. Kåre João – Too Soon, Too Fast (Bortne, Fodstad Larsen, Pedersen, von Streng/Fodstad Larsen, Bortne)

Kristian von Streng: Vocals, organ and synthesizers
Kåre Pedersen: Drums, organ, percussion, guitar and lead guitar
Dag F. Gravem: Bass guitar
Johan Fodstad Larsen: Percussion
Anders Bortne: Backing vocals
Tore Gjedrem: Backing vocals

Produced by Kåre Pedersen
Co-produced by Kristian von Streng, Johan Fodstad Larsen and Marius Bodin Larsen
Recorded and engineered by Kåre Pedersen, Johan Fodstad Larsen and Kristian von Streng, Oslo 2003-2006
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon
Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Studio

First Release Kåre João: 2, 2006.

10. Velvel Belly – Thirst

11. Kåre & The Cavemen – Scarborough Fair

First Release Kåre & The Cavemen/Euroboys: Scarborough Fair 2000.

12. Turbonegro – Hi, I ain’t Got No Pulse

13. Action Jazz – Control (Møster/Zanussi/Johansen)

Kjetil Møster, saxophone
Per Zanussi, bass
Per Oddvar Johansen, drums

Produced by Møster/Zanussi/Johansen

First Release Action Jazz: Control 2003.

14. Wholy Martin – Ride Mule Ride (Helge Martin Framnes)

Helge Martin Framnes, vocals
Björn Flöystad, sounds and programming, mellotron, background vocals
Haakon Larsen, vibrato, guitar, wah wah guitar
B.O.Hansen, steinway & sons grand piano, clavinet
Ketil Torgersen, bass
Tom Rudi Torjussen, drums, percussion
Jan Harald Halvorsen, cello
Jørn Raknes, lap steel, bongo-wah wah

Produced by Björn Flöystad.
Executive Producer Haakon Larsen
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen and Björn Flöystad
Engineered by Marius Bodin Larsen, Björn Flöystad, Ingar Hunskaar, Jørgen Michelsen, Rune Elli, Kåre Chr. Vestrheim.
Mastered by Espen Berg at The Living Room
Recorded at The Living Room, Flöstöy, Hawkon’s Place, Crystal Canyon, Bruket, Barrat Due, Norges Musikkhøgskole Carl Berners, Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium

First release Wholy Martin: Vampire Songs 2004.

15. The Loch Ness Mouse – Swung 2 Lo (Åleskjær/Åleskjær)

Helga S.Trømborg, piano, modes
Håvard Krogedal, bass, synthesizers, synth bass, piano, rhodes, ace tone & hammond organ, cello & guitar
Ole Johannes Åleskjæ, lead & background vocals, guitar, ace tone & hammond organ, tambourine, synth bass, bass & zither
Jørn O. Åleskjær, lead & background vocals and guitars
Emil Nikolaisen, drums, additional guitar
David Wallumrød, clarinet
Elvira Nikolaisen, 2nd lead vocals and additional background vocals
Hilma Nikolaisen, 2nd lead vocals and additional background vocals
Maria Solheim 2nd lead vocals & additional background vocals
Torstein Krogedal, trumpet

Arranged by Ole Johannes Åleskjær, Jørn O. Åleskjær and Håvard Krogedal.
Produced by Ole Johannes Åleskjær (with Håvard Krogedal)
Recorded at Spendless December 2004-July 2005
Additional recording at Ampertone August 2005
Recording engineers: Emil Nikolaisen, Espen Høydalsvik, Marius Ilagsmoen, and Steinar Buholm
Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen Crystal Canyon
Digital transfer and editing: Espen Høydalvsik
Additional project co-ordination by Emil Nikolaisen
Mastering by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio

First Release The Loch Ness Mouse:The Loch Ness Mouse: 11-22, 2005.

16. Engen, Mjøen & Møller: Song in J-Minor

17. Elvira Nikolaisen – Egypt Song (Elvira Nikolaisen)

Elvira Nikolaisen, vocals, piano

Demo version recorded by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon of «Egypt Song». This song was first released at Elvira Nikolaisen: Quiet Exit, 2006, which has a thank you note to Marius (and others….).

Cover text: Takk Marius