CD Phony Muzak 1998

Mastered and edited by Marius Bodin Larsen at Audio Tree.
Vocal sample by Marius Bodin Larsen track 10 Theme from «Rootless youth»

Recorded at Trippy’s Place by Flöistøy Mobile.

Additional engineering on «To-deep-to-sink» by Feedoand on «Home by the sun» by Erik Honorè. Produced by Bjørn Flöistad for Premium Productions. Additional production «To-deep-to-sink» and on «Home by the sun» by Feedo and Trippy. Additional production on «Slapstickfunnyman»bt Pee Tee Peterson. Mixed by Bjørn Flöistad and Feedo at Sonic Electronic.
«Tremble me» recorded at Flöistøy Sound.
Engineered by Bjørn Flöistad, Erik Honorè and Jan Bang.
Produced by Bjørn Flöistad and Erik Honorè.
Vocal supervision by Jan Bang.
Mixed by Bjørn Flöistad at Flöistøy Sound.
«(theme from) Rootless youth» recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by Bjørn Flöistad at Flöistøy Sound.
Harry’s guitarsolo on «Memphis» by Bjørn H.

Coverphotos and portraits by Miss M. Skarholt
Other photos by Trippy.
Cover-design by Terje Ruud at Ruuddesign.

Supported by Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond.


  1. all the way down (Bjørn Flöistad) 06:15
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead vocal, Gramotar
    Trippy: Mellophonium, Cosmotronic guitar, B-bop cymbal
    Feedo: Mellotron, Moog, Space echo, Trombone
    Tee Pee Peterson: Vibrato guitar & Electric powerteepeetar
    Loopo: Fender Bass
    Bjørn H: Grooves
  2. to-deep-to-sink (Bjørn Flöistad) 02:21
    Bjørn Flöistad: High & low-pitch vocals, Acoustic guitar
    Trippy: Lap-steel, Toothguitar,ellophonium, Add. vocal
    Feedo: Moog, Trombone, Add. vocal
    Tee Pee Peterson: Norman acoustic guitar
    Loopo: Electric bass-guitar
    Bjørn H: Drums, Add. vocal
    Jolene Bakke: Mandolins, Add. vocal.
    H.K.Farmen: Add. vocal
    A. Eide: Add. vocal
    T.R. Glomnes: Add. vocal
  3. in my world (Bjørn Flöistad) 03:05
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead & whisper vocals, Gramotar
    Trippy: Electric guitar right speaker
    Feedo: Rhodes NS10 Synthesizer
    Tee Pee Peterson: Electric guitar left speaker
    Loopo: Electric bass-guitar
    Bjørn H: Drums, Magnificent Vibes
  4. home by the sun (Bjørn Flöistad, A. Eide/ Bjørn Flöistad, J. Simonsen) 03:13
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead and harmony vocals, Accoustic guitar, Mellotron, Snaps, Autovari loop
    Trippy: Norman accoustic guitar
    Feedo: Mellotron
    Tee Pee Peterson: Rickenbacker 12-string guitar
    Loopo: Gramobass
    Bjørn H: Organic rhytm
    Jolene Bakke: Mandolin
    Rudy: Cymbal
    P.S.Voss: Cellos
  5. slapstickfunnyman (Bjørn Flöistad) 05:33
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead and psycho vocals, Yeahs
    Trippy: (s)lap steel, Add. vocal, Noises, Mellophonium
    Feedo: Mellotron, Trombone, Add. vocal
    Tee Pee Peterson: Hardcore slapstick guitars, Add.vocal
    Loopo: Fender Bass
    Bjørn H: Sticks’n drumsrganic rhytm
    Jolene Bakke: Add. vocal
    Tim Garlick: Frenetic outroduction
    Jon Transnes: Whistelin’ & Zappa vocals
    H.K.Farmen: Add. world cup vocal
    A. Eide: Add. world cup vocal
    T.R.Glomnes: Add. world cup vocal
    Ø. Eide: Dishwashin* & Conversation
    M. Skarholt: Dishwashin’ & Conversation
  6. feel 4 another (live May 17th, 1998) (Bjørn Flöistad) 02:52
    Bjørn Flöistad: Singin’ & howlin’, Accoustic guitar, Oh’s
    Trippy: Accoustic 12-string guitar
    Feedo: Add. vocal
    Tee Pee Peterson: Accoustic guitar, Add.vocal
    Loopo: Harry T. Percussion
    Bjørn H: Mandolin, Harmony vocal
    Jolene Bakke: Mandolin
    Rudy: Tambourine
    A. Eide: Harmony vocal
  7. tremble me (Bjørn Flöistad/Bjørn Flöistad, G. Emanuelsen) 04:45
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead vocal, Hitchcock organ
    Trippy: Hagstrøm electric guitar
    Loopo: Tender bass
    T. Einmo: Cymbal, Looped drums
    Erik Honorè: 612 Loop & Samples
    E. Ulleberg: Electric slide-guitar
  8. mr. tee (Bjørn Flöistad) 02:29
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead & harmony vocal, Accoustic guitar
    Trippy: Hillbilly, lap-steel
    Feedo: Hammond organ
    Tee Pee Peterson: Electric tremolo guitar left speaker
    E. Jørgensen: Bass guitar
    Milky Melkersen: Electric tremolo guitar right speaker
    Rich: Strømsnes: Tee-drums
  9. mother e (Bjørn Flöistad) 02:09
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead vocal
    Trippy: Electric guitar left speaker, Add. vocal (goodbye)
    Tee Pee Peterson: Electric guitar right speaker
    Loopo: Bass
    Bjørn H: Drums
  10. theme from «rootless youth» (Bjørn Flöistad) 01:24
    Feedo: Farfisa organ
    Trippy: Afroguitar right speaker
    Loopo: Thunder-bass, Bloop-blopp vocal
    Bjørn Flöistad: Clicktrack
    T. Einmo: Hillbilly drums
    E. Ulleberg
    Marius Bodin Larsen: Vocal sample
  11. kitchen at parties (J. Lewis) 04:12
    Bjørn Flöistad: Lead vocal, Cheese remarks, Breath, Fender Rhodes
    Trippy: Mellophonium, Electric guitar right speaker
    Feedo: Wunderlich organ, Trombone
    Tee Pee Peterson: Electric guitar left speaker
    Loopo: Late night bass
    Bjørn H: Sweepy drums
    Miss Almedal: Stunnin’ lead vocal

Thank you’s:
….Marius Bodin Larsen (mesmerizin’ frequenzies, my phriend) & Eirin and the rest of the Intellectos (Erik, Lars & Tarjei)…..and many more.

This album is dedicated to Hans Flöistad (1935-1985) ….beautiful dreamer, too good for this world…..