CD Tuba/Lyxpop 2007

Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon and Christian Engfeldt at Grandsport


Ole Øvstedal: Vocals, bass, guitar and piano
Deadly Nightshade: Synt
Anders Møller: Drums and percussion
Thom Hell: Vocals and piano
Marte Wullf: Vocals
Hanne Eidsvåg Andersen: Vocals
Shaun Curtis: Vocals

All songs by Ole Øvstedal
Clouds Imperial lyrics by Øvstedal and Curtis

Produced by Ole Øvstedal
Executive producer Ragnar Vikse
Beats produced by Deadly Nightshade
Recorded by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon
Mastered by Björn Engelman at Cutting Room

Design by Martin Kvamme

Dharma packaging

Track list:

01. We’re Riding on The Wave
02. Boom Boom
03. Goodtime Girl
04. I’m all Ears
05. Into the Velvet Night
06. Slender
07. Nada in My Dreams
08. Clouds Imperial
09. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand

Thanks to Ragnar, Manus and Torgeir at Goldstar
Mamma and Pappa, Reala, Vigleik Winje, Emil Nikolaisen,
Brannmester Øvstedal and Sakan.

Special thanks and love to Sarah and Baby Tokyo

Cover text: Rest in peace, Marius