CD/LP Tatra Productions Ltd. 1998

Produced by Marius Bodin Larsen


  • Trond Evanger: vocals/synt
  • Christian H. Rot: bassguitar/synth
  • Jon A. Løvøen: djembe/tablas/percussions/turkish delights
  • D.R.Skisland: guitar/synth/percussion
  • b9: tapes/loops/percussion

Marius Bodin Larsen: digitals cannabis sativa, guidance/inspiration (and some percussions)

use your delusion – alive and waiting / cold and deceiving / a flow of silence

Greetings: …mb larsen (and others)… respects to all artists who keeps up with the good vibe… and a big hug & hello to family, friends & lovers…
Thanks to b.t.ören for the title & a special one to Christy Daasnes for believing in us & making this record possible… love and respect!

delusion: use your delusion


  1. Boom!
  2. Funguid
  3. Rainspotting
  4. Dreamremaker
  5. Funguid pr. 2 (alternate)
  6. Lille-Dub Store-Dub