2 x CD Progress Records 2001

Produced by Marius Bodin Larsen and Torgny Amdam
Engineered and mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen

Torgny Amdam, vocals
Lars Rasmussen, guitars
Espen Follestad, guitar
Robin Snasen Rengård, bass
Jonas Thire, drums
Music by Lars Rasmussen except Barbed Wire by Espen Follestad
Profane Wishes and Hot Time by Espen Follestad/Lars Rasmussen
Words in the Wind by L. Rasmussen/T.Amdam
Lyrics by T. Amdam

Recorded at The Musicloft and Crazy Kid Studios
Mastered by Ingar Hunskaar at Strype Audio

Amulet: Freedom Fighters Amulet: Freedom Fighters

Amulet: Freedom Fighters Amulet: Freedom Fighters

Artwork by Are Kleivan, Jonas Thire and Robin Snasen Rengård

Additional Fighters:
Andreas Tylden, All bass on this recording
Chris Summers and Anders Møller, percussion
Knut Schreiner, guitarsolo on Profane Wishes
Tracee Meyn, additional vocals on Profane Wishes
Morten Sørlie, piano on Hanging Out again and Words in the Wind
Oddrun Valestrand, Hanne Kristine Haugsand og Marit Strømøy, additional vocals on Hot Time
Richard Gere, effects

Tracking list:

  1. Naked Eye
  2. Facelifts and Alibis
  3. Keep on Movin’
  4. My Favorite Songs
  5. Hot Time
  6. Nosebleed
  7. Barbed Wire
  8. Hidden Track Locomotive
  9. Circus Surplus
  10. Profane Wishes
  11. Hangin’ Out Again
  12. Words in the Wind

Extra bonus CD:

  1. Life On The Edge Of Chaos
  2. Carefree
  3. Diamond
  4. Won’t Hold Back + Naked Eye video